Presenting Ethan

On November 6th, 2:12pm, Ethan Chew took his first breath. Weighing at 3.35kg, he was a sizeable baby and had to be vacuum assisted due to his orientation (OP). Just a few seconds before, he came bursting out of his mother in a shower of amniotic fluids. Coating his dad's hands with a generous amount of the warm odourless sticky liquid and startling dad in the process. What a grand entrance.

The already jumpy dad, who was awake since 1 am (start of labour) looked on as the nurses fussed over the newborn (mainly vacuuming out the excess fluids and stuff). The whole process took a couple of seconds but it honestly felt like an eternity before he was able to take in a deep breath and wailed. Boy, he was loud.

The baby calmed down considerable as he was placed on the exhausted mother as the Gynaecologist proudly extracted a large bloody sac (the placenta) and joking asked if we would like to use it to brew a tonic. The couple laughed as as the placenta was placed in a container and is sent for incineration. Man, thats a big organ. 

The Gynaecologist then offered the clamped umbilical cord for the dad. It was a strange tradition, the cord cutting and it was certainly not a easy cord to cut. It had the toughness of a giant rubber band and it took a while. Dad still remains unsure of the significance of this ritual.

As the mother rested, the nurse took the baby for another round of fluid clearing and visual inspection for the father. Digits were counted and facial features were checked. A "Mongolian spot" was seen on his upper buttocks but before dad could take a closer look, the baby was wrapped up in the diaper. Security tags were placed on his ankles and an vitamin K injection was given. The nurses was explaining everything but nothing seems to be entering Dad's brains. He was anticipating the loud wail as the needle was inserted. The baby was caught by surprise and had only reacted by bawling inconsolably when the injection was completed. Dad stares on helplessly. They should print an instruction manual for this, dad thought.

After awhile, fussy baby calms down after mother suggest for dad to gentle pat the baby. Before long, the family was whisked away into the maternity ward for a "staycation"

What a day...

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